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Titan Welding
About Us

We're all hands-on builders.

Builder. That’s a word that should not be thrown around or interpreted lightly. Perhaps when you hear someone say they are a builder, you should ask questions. We call ourselves builders because everyone at Titan Steel Builders is an actual builder. We all can create and build things with our own bare hands. It’s not all subcontracted out to various companies or people. Our goal as a company is to strive to do every single build in-house. Our people are our builders. We believe in giving every client the best product at the best value possible, so we are transparent in all aspects of our designs and builds. We choose quality above everything else; quality takes time and attention to detail.

Gage Garrett Signature

– owner, builder & metal fabricator

Our Specialty Services

Steel Construction

Steel provides stability, durability, and longevity from steel framing to shipping containers with endless design options.

Wood Construction

Wood is natural and flexible to work with that is a great complement to steel for a wonderful contrast.

Custom Design Planning

We can customize any project to fit your needs by working with each client, helping to plan, and providing renderings.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal can be wielded and manipulated to fit various one-of-a-kind designs you can dream of for your project.

Outdoor Living

We believe your outdoor space should be an extension of your home and reflect how you love to live; BBQ, pool, firepits, etc.

Steel Staircase

Any style you can imagine, standard to free-floating stairs, and appealing addition to practically any type of building.